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    late pov

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    Sunday pov

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    trip pov

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    #1 F2P POV

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    kraken pet

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    P2P Pov

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    Ur Glory Plz

    Sunday Vibes

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    f2p trip cinematography

    Googs hit my DM if u wanna cry about it l0000l
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    99 prayer

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    Can a rank move this to the top for POV stuff @Pillow @3at @Wessel @tanner @Fresh to death
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    Late PKRI vs Swarm

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    Ur Glory Plz

    Nike SB - Trustfall

    this shit cleannn but i love me some caswell berry
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    poo sleeping back 2 back

    poo sleeping back 2 back
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    grind continues

    very nice bro keep it up
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    Typical Terror Quality

    Typical Terror Quality (TTQ for short). Down in less than 30 seconds in singles.
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    supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net On Day # 100 of this year, Supremacy is still going strong as ever, managing to peak at 44 sexy ass alpha tigers throughout our eventful Saturday F2P Pk Trip. Today was pretty much the same as always, with us rushing fights or creating them and holding number leads that end up snowballing into convincing wins. As action kicked off right after massing, we managed to get several good clusters vs Apex & Foe, near wizzy tower and 26 hills and later sperm. We also ended up gwassing rage in F2P as they logged in under us 1 by 1, suiciding their braindead members into the sea of gold. We also fought Terror who gave us the most free win we could ever get today at se graves b4 dog rev clan crashed. Accepting their crash, we pulled to CA and started killing possibly the shittiest addy tanks out there b4 Zenith crashed and cleared them. Also had a fight vs Fi where they logged in under us, got sniped out from singles/multi line and losing 10-15+ before zenith crashed and cleared them as well. Ended our trip with a clean pkri vs Apex where we controlled 95% of the fight. Safe and accurate to say, Supremacy wins again. Ham Jimmy Poo Noel Glory
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    Wouldnt want glory rollin thru my hood
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    my boy tanked while looting and got away with the gps lmao respek
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    Ur Glory Plz

    F2P Pov Glory

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    supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Easter Sunday Yo whats up you stupid fuckers. We welcome you back to another winning p2p aftermath topic where we get to announce that the shittiest pure clan to ever exist, terr-ible, canceled their pk trip today using the excuse of "Easter" to avoid being camped and killed by the 43 Tigers that showed up today to fuck shit up. Btw, just to reemphasize the fact that the extra-chromosome filled ranks of terr-bile are the shittiest of the shit, they told their members to go into rage's main cc and put on their capes to help them! (disgusting piss dog clan lmfao) Embarrassing to say the least. Were going to let our several videos speak for the action we had today, but just know we were involved with 99% of the entire action that existed this Easter sunday p2p trip. We had 3-4 fights vs Apex around bandits/sperm/boneyard and ruins, 2 fights vs Zenith near bandits and CA, a pkri vs Foe east bandits, gwas on Fi near dwarves on their crash, and killed so many of these worthless failures who run around on mains dying to pure clans. Nate Jimmy
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    Pov F2P Trip 04/03/2021 (reupload)

    @tanner @John @Wessel It's up now
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    Ur Glory Plz

    [F2P] Supremacy vs Legacy 3-0

    supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net On this Terrific Thursday Supremacy massed up 20 Tigers to take on Legacy in a F2P Prep. After a strong 1st round the Tigers were able to set the pace the for the rest of the rounds, walking away with the 3-0. Thank you for the clean action Legacy Round 1 Supremacy Starting : 20 Supremacy Ending Kills : 50-42 Round 2 Supremacy Starting : 20 Supremacy Ending Kills : 50-39 Round 3 Supremacy Starting : 20 Supremacy Ending Kills: 50-39 Pov: @Wessel
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    jatt star

    still grinding away

    ran out of gp for nmz so been killing these spiders for few days
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    was fun!! thanks yall for trying so hard to get fights. nice job on the cw event
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    and why is it Candyland?
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    dt done on ironman pure

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    Supremacy-rs CC / www.Supremacy-rs.com / Supremacy.verygames.net Another Sunday = Another UNDEFEATED P2P Trip for the tigers in gold. Today was a great day for the 43 Supremacy Tigers who showed up today to fingerbang the disgusting ash off of terror's dead corpses. As excitement flowed in the air from hearing that terror was struggling to have another sub tier shitty 30 man pk trip, we also understood what we needed to do in order to keep our 12th weekend in a row in our favor. Todays trip consisted of the following: 15 man Gwas on Terror's shitty members (they all died lmfao) at west bandits 15-25 minute return fight vs 5 DIFFERENT CLANS at west bandits FT SF/Venom/Terror/OG/Hydra Gwas on SF? at Bandit camp Return Spot (20+ dead in a tick) Clean PKRI vs OG at Al Karid 43v46 where we gain a massive lead before stragglers came Pkri vs OG west bandits 40v40 ft LY Crash Return fight vs Apex/Mains North East CA Camping shitty Terror clan at singles for 15 minutes and watching them struggle to gain past 15 at any given point. Wessel Pov Glory Pov Savage Pov
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    P2P POV

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    Supremacy-rs CC / www.Supremacy-rs.com / Supremacy.verygames.net After using the last 6 days of spitting whatever horse shit propaganda they could come up with for their brainless members, these dumb terror dogs got fucked harder than the stupid slut that stuck a coat hanger up her dry cunt to abort a future failure. Supremacy massed up a solid 40 tigers ready to skull fuck the embarrassing excuse we even consider rivals and ended up fully clearing them in a 40v40, all on vid. We managed to get some insane fights this pk trip, including a clean pkri vs Zenith at 13 ports where we got a pretty big lead, forcing them to hug the multi lines, a clean pkri vs terrible by east bandits where they tried to crash a cluster and instantly getting dropped on sight. Afterwards, we set up another fight vs them east bandits where they rushed with 20 mains and 20 pures. This was one of the easiest fights of our fucking lives as it was so 1 sided for the entirety of the fight. We started 40v40, got a 25 man lead maybe 1 minute into the fight, and punished them to singles for the rest of the fight. They kept going back and forth in and out of singles until Apex crashed. Had another cluster vs terrible and Apex where we dominated the entirety of the fight once again and cleared them to ferox where we sat on them, spammed them, and made them end their trip. We gave you a free Saturday off and you muts still couldn't recover from the shit hole we put you in... disgraceful Spray Pov Glory Pov Noel Pov
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    The grind is over.

    It has been a long grind, 1 year and ~3 months but it is finally over! The Untrimmed Slayer Cape at 13Def has been finished. Loot tab does not include: Bloods, Deaths, Water Runes, and Coin drops. (1 Whip is also missing)
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    supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net On this Fantastic Friday Supremacy massed up 20 Golden Tigers to fight Venom in a wildy P2P PKRI. Shortly After setting up in bone yard they mistakenly logged inside of us and were quickly punished for it. After a few Venom Tele'd down and the rests loot lay on the wildy floor, we grabbed a fall in and teled out. We Asked them to reorganize the fight and headed to CWA for a FT50. Gf Venom and thanks for the clean action! After our CWA fight vs Venom, our terr-ible leak told us they were pking with 8 kids and we decided to end their dumb ass dogshit trip by hitting them at 26 hills and chasing them to 3 different worlds. These fags thought they could pk in our wilderness LMFAO Round 1: WON(wildy) Round 2: WON(ft50) Supremacy: 50 Kills Venom: 24 Kills Pov: @Ur Glory Plz Pov: @JimmyWoo Pov: @Spray
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    ft50 Pov vs venom

    Yup i had soul runes in my rune pouch
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    ft50 Pov vs venom

    i forgot my d scim so i cant judge safe to say that dds put in work
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    alfa kenny

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    half way to 99 prayer

    nice gz
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    half way to 99 prayer

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    spring break coming up for me these next 2 weekends. should be able to make trips!
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    P2P Inners Wednesday @ + Member

    P2P Inners Wednesday @+Member
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