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    Dream pure account update

    END GOAL STATS so far next steps: 1. apologize for making this troll topic 2. sorry 3. plz train up guys 107 combat got me so much success with the ladies u should get it too 4. BE ON FOR F2P TRIP TOMORROW 2PM EST BE ON FOR F2P TRIP TOMORROW 2PM EST BE ON FOR F2P TRIP TOMORROW 2PM EST BE ON FOR F2P TRIP TOMORROW 2PM EST
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    https://gyazo.com/69d3a6d1d797f1fd9fca11e4fea9f867 not doing this one again but was crazy gains today
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    str training begins

    First day of afk strength training done! Crazy progress today : https://gyazo.com/9508aaab8617c187f822b00f7f47df33
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    x After hearing of Supremacy's massive upcomings recently i was contacted by the CEO of Champion to help push their newest gear! Thus I Introduce you to.... Gamer Gear! I was recently contacted by CEO Susan Hennike about sharing an opportunity with her. She has been a big fan of Supremacy for a long time. We talked much about the various issues plaguing 8cht and his poor chair after a 12 hour mini sesh. The need for a stylish and fitting pair of pants for Wallenty to go straight from a raid to selling houses to seniors. We came to the conclusion that normal clothes were not enough. They didn't suit us and our needs as GAMERS. The new threads that are being premiered feature the absolute finest Dutch Technology. https://www.champion.com/p5263-551667.html - Advanced odor blocking technology for when you get caught in the endless stream of "just one more stake" - Water/Beer proof material. There's nothing worst than spilling a Royal Dutch on your pants during a mini and having to stew in the wetness! - Scratch free material for when your Cat is yelling at you during the last round of a heated Prep! What do you all think of these wonderful clothes???? Who will be the first to purchase them??? Will 8chts chair finally stop smelling like an Outback Steakhouse Dumpster??? Buy the flippin pants and find out!!!
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    100cb gang

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    Trip pov

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    Mark (Rubix)

    Challenge Mode Raids Guide

    Well to the few of you that enjoy pvm out there, here's a working guide for Challenge Mode Raids. These are reasonably easy on mains, and would definitely be quite an accomplishment on pures, but probably possible with a mix of the two, it can be done https://gyazo.com/0412adb356bcddbebc312b2a08040b14.png EXAMPLE OF CHALLENGE MODE LOADOUT https://gyazo.com/3b40df157e5a5d8b8ce156d23c75df1b Stam / Divine Super are for pre-potting. This is a start / reference point as I teach some of our guys. Hope this is helpful for whoevers wanting to challenge mode
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    Ale x


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    96 Str

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    Ale x

    99 pray

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    Ale x

    Revs + Deep Wildy Smitearoni's

    fi l0000000000000000l
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    Revs + Deep Wildy Smitearoni's

    upgrade the pool in your house you cheap fucker
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    99 pray

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    99 pray

    gz bro
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    99 pray

    Sensational mate. Great work and congrats! Hope to get your stats one day
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    99 magic

    nice work man you're officially a harry potter now
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    Challenge Mode Raids Guide

    under-time completion of the cm gives a 5k point boost which helps drop chance though i think for most point/hr technically normal 8 man scaled 3c2p or 4c1p would be optimal
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    almost kotj
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    Ohhhh baby
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    My king
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    99 range and Hp

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    Hard week.. :D

    damn thats a shit ton of gains
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    Did mass exp today, trying to decide if 99 untrim Hitpoints cape is worth it or if I should just finish off my 99s. However I can use the magic xp. 90 cb achieved aswell.
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    @8chtbrother, the guy was already knock out on the ground... you just kicked his head in with ur ''stfu, emberassing''
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    97 Range

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    Ale x

    107 cb bound

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    107 cb bound

    Big fucking gz homie!
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    Hell yeah bro, you been grinding!
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    gamer gear!
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    96 Str

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    96 Str

    yes bro
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    ladder fights get me hard. and @$anguinaryis a fucking G
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