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    supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Each and every week Supremacy heads out on the weekends, Suptober gets better and better. Today was a great trip for the 28 Tigers of Supremacy who showed up today, and the fights we got & won were even better. After waiting for a bit for clans to grow some balls and enter the wild, we found a cluster between Terror/Rage/Fi near the east side of bandits and sniped out 10~ of them to get free stockpiles of food. After a few minutes of finishing off the shitters in front of us, we found Legacy near rev cave and they were gladly down to fight. Even though we had quite a bit more than them, they fought us down numbers in the trees and we just went to pound town from the first kill. It was very 1 sided and they ended up scattering to singles after 2-3 minutes. Afterwards we ended up hitting Terror on the other side of bandits until they went to singles and 0 gear morons rushed. For the rest of the trip, and after a long time since, we managed to get two clean victorious 1v1's vs FOE Fight 1 - We logged in on top of them to their 22~ opts and got such insane transition kills on them that they couldn't return to get it back even. As we managed to get a 7-8 man kill lead, they got rushed by 0 itemers and scattered. Fight 2 - Fully Cleared - We rushed with 25 to their 25 on the east side of bandits and 1 hit their fall in leader. They had no pray up at all, giving us a free 2 kill lead. From then on our, we absolutely punished them kill for kill. Rev tried to hit our fight and got fucked by the anti-crashers, and us and Foe continued our fight north by east bandits where we ended up clearing them up off the mini map while a few survivors ran away. Good shit to all the fat cock tigers who showed up today and showed everyone who's the King of the Jungle @JimmyWoo @Noel @Ur Glory Plz @Tragic
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    eyes were on the prize but them 100 thots were a surprise
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    Video Intro by Spray

    Was looking back at some old vids and found this, s/o to @Spray the man behind it. https://www.mediafire.com/file/udhbesiwi28tirz/CustomIntro.mp4/file
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