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  1. Back from holiday, will try show up to an event again shortly

  2. If ur not Dutch theres really no point in living

  3. If u don't own atleast 2-3 tanks, what are u really doing on this game?

  4. Skillz

    it's 2005 again

    why he screaming in the mic
  5. I'm a maxed 88 @ if mad
  6. Playing 4 anti tank accounts and they couldn't even kill me once, very bad performance from terror today! Do better next time or this will get stale!

  7. I came back for the first trip of 2021 and all I did is win

    1. Ham


      100% attendance and winrate in 2021

  8. I came back for the first trip of 2021 and all I did is win....
  9. was waiting with all my mains to AC but terror didnt want no smoke
  10. If ur not on atleast 3 mains on a weekend trip, are u really trying?

  11. Just logged in for the first time in a long time. I ended up only training my tanks for 2 hours while watching movies.....

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