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  1. spring break coming up for me these next 2 weekends. should be able to make trips! :)

    1. Ur Glory Plz

      Ur Glory Plz


  2. i think the US is def not gonna have any festivals but we'll see
  3. lmfao their last hope haahahaha edgi's a fucking bitch
  4. Dill

    Nostalgia Trips

    Chasing IR around corp for 2 hours while they were hiding in the EOP vs FOE fight lmao And then Apex trying to save them
  5. Dill

    Nostalgia Trips

    Damn that 2v1 at GDZ was easily one of the best trips we've ever had. That shit was pure smoke
  6. Dill

    Vacation Plans

    got like 8 months of straight school until i get 2 weeks off so im hoping to spend at least a week of that somewhere nice was thinking somewhere in the bahamas
  7. cleansed these rats of our wilderness lmfao
  8. too many members sitting pretty, APP FOR GILDED

  9. LOL quoting me from a whole year ago.. I SUPPORT!
  10. Supremacy winner winner chicken dinner hehe

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