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  1. haha he hit the nail on the head everything he said is true except that the score is now virus 2 america 0
  2. Zack

    97 Str

    yes boi u cute now max ur acc
  3. nice work man you're officially a harry potter now
  4. god bless imagine finishing cerb in 1 task
  5. Zack


    was pretty bants when they were baiting venes with torag helm and d sword
  6. i havent tried it out yet, let me know if its better than regular rooftops
  7. under-time completion of the cm gives a 5k point boost which helps drop chance though i think for most point/hr technically normal 8 man scaled 3c2p or 4c1p would be optimal
  8. happy birthday pillow ❤️

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