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  1. fk hippy irish cunt

  2. Zack

    Pet 8

    gz on pyramid head pet rookie numbers tho
  3. Zack

    pet 16

    yeah if you dont cook the fish before shooting them at the boss, its the best fishing xp in the game without tick manipulation
  4. Zack

    pet 16

    fishing minigame in the desert, its the fishing version of wintertodt
  5. Zack

    pet 16

    decided to AFK on main game instead of leagues and.... bless
  6. Zack

    02/23/2022 Update

    finally a decent pvp update
  7. Zack


    no recolour sadly but thats good rng
  8. Zack

    02/15/2022 Update

    too much to read
  9. looks like you did the worst for 2nd last
  10. damn son gimme some pet rng
  11. Zack

    pet 15

    got a bond today to pass the time while im in a meeting at wintertodt fuckin finally
  12. someone lend tanner 750m and he'll have it back to you in about 20 seconds flat
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