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  1. All these ideas are really good why aren't none of you posting on their weekly updates and shit let's get this shit passed!
  2. Good job man, the grind is real!!!
  3. Fuck your so sexy phil like honestly I want your fucking babies
  4. Oh boy close to that 99
  5. Master race mate, join the crew we building!
  6. Nice man I'm happy for ya, beautiful account! I wanna finish of my range to 99 by doing it with slayer, it's been to long. Then also finish of with 99 prayer then that's the build done!
  7. Roger dodger so I'll keep it at 100 then max!
  8. I'm already at 90 prayer and 80 atk geezer
  9. Ye so I would either be 100 cmb with 99 prayer and 80 atk or 106 with 99 prayer & atk. The question is would I be to high of a cmb at 106 for clanning?
  10. So you don't have problems with being 102?
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