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  1. Ed edd n eddy - JID

    another song for pk vids/minis

  2. was a wonderful experience, no one stood out. calls were cute af. much love. sick binds. only like 4-5 people dragged off entire prep
  3. Firecape done (;just some training
  4. Get it dude. 42 defence. Shouldn't have to do too much to get what you need Trainings ex ya know
  5. Ooooo, you lil turd. Got it before me!!!
  6. Killing it G, I am going to try slayer for first time on yoga once I'm 99 mage 94 prayer
  7. Ooooo, that's a tasty drop!!
  8. and eysterdays, you guys took forever
  9. I was 2nd or third pile in round two and dragged them like 2 mini maps away. Ooooooooooo. It took them like 15-20 seconds to finally drop c; Lololol.
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