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  1. Turned up for 5 mins n cleared fatality ez pz
  2. Belated punishment for teaming with ir
  3. they also just announced usman vs colby, looks like this will also lead to another title shot cant wait money on diaz
  4. Tango

    aha ha ha ha

    Looks like getting older doesn't make you any wiser big idiot Zachary!
  5. Tango

    old habits die hard...

    https://supremacy-rs.com/community/index.php?/topic/5631-very-juicy-800000000-gp-the-price-of-the-intense-redemption-leadership-staff-leakddosdox800m/ history repeats itself
  6. truly the champion of pure pking
  7. second only to the great unicorn claw formation circa 2017 loc new gate
  8. Suck my brown dick, bitch
  9. Tango

    Clan Names

    I like supremacy
  10. Tango

    first rsns?

    Wiz192 and scorpio1880
  11. Tango

    Is it me or

    I retired when ir were dying and it does indeed appear they are now fully ded
  12. fuckin dictatorship #3Mustafa
  13. there are levels to the game
  14. why does it turn australian half way thru
  15. loc mickey's council? fake topic
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