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  1. Terror FULLY SENT L0000000L DUMB DOGS

  2. Gj Today Tigers. Be on to do it again tomorrow! 

  3. stronk n ranger + fire beattt
  4. After our strong F2P PK Trip Performance, we were approached by Zenith to fight them in a FT 100 clw pkri. Both clans having nearly the same amount of people, we accepted and started the beatdown. We ended up getting a strong start, got a lead, and finished them off with close to a 20 man kill lead at the end. Only did 1 round though so we took the dub and left. Thanks Zenith for the battle. Supremacy Starting: 38 Zenith Starting: 37 Endings: idfk watch the vids but tiger= winner Nate POV Spray POV Wessel POV
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