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  1. Jatt

    im that guy

    u sippin to much hatorade and u dont understand hw punjabis operate @3at is my pajjiiii aka brother 4 life do ur research idiot RAJ KAREGA KHALSA
  2. Jatt

    im that guy

    also fuck u @Kim
  3. Jatt

    im that guy

    ill admit it im that guy that gets flamed for being late on world hops and getting left behind all the time and getting flamed and kicked by 3at during pk trips (resulted in 4 kicks from sup) but man its tough being a single dog dad and running an irl business im usually doing like 5 things during trips but nontheless im proud to be sup and wouldnt change it for the world bless up my tiger soldiers
  4. gzzzz tiger gang
  5. was a tremendous day to be tiger
  6. tiger gang 

  7. Jatt

    Lots of colors

    where do u find these kids
  8. Jatt


    bunch of monkeys
  9. सात साल

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