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  1. Please stay on topic of "Post your IRL set up" [advisor]noel
  2. Checked the weather and it's gettin' real oppy outside

  3. Don’t make get x rolly on you again
  4. I forgot this album even came out
  5. Tragic

    DONDA vs CLB

    DONDA vs CLB Kanye and Drake have both dropped albums last week with arguably the two worst cover arts I've ever seen. DONDA was dropped without Kanye's permission by the record label I theorize the track list isn't in a proper order / 90-99% actually complete This is probably why there's no explicit version ~ Certified Lover Boy: 5/10 CLB is your standard sounding industry safe drake album with little surprises on it. It will do numbers on streaming services but, will have little impact on the rap game. I got bored listening to this, mostly every song is forgettable. Top 3 songs: Fair Trade, 7am on Bridal Path, Knife talk ~ DONDA: 8/10 Much more creative sounding album, however the length at 108:04 is too much. Definitely feels like this is live concert more than an album at times. (This is what Jesus is King should have sounded like) You may not like it as much now, but in a couple years this will be a Kanye top 3 album. Top 3 songs: Hurricane, Jonah, No Child Left Behind ~ Thoughts? 1k post count
  6. thx u chin man for brining back osrs and making play this shit game again
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