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  1. eyes were on the prize but them 100 thots were a surprise

  3. Supremacy that is us we be back at it again with another banger of a victory. We headed out today with a nice 23 man tiger killer squadron armed with piercing adamant spears of range and the slickest, sharpest blades of runite that have ever been made. Judging how dog shit every clan has become, specifically how they waste their weekends to fight each others ego's, we were lucky enough to get a clean 1v1 return fight vs Fearless inside bandit camp for 15-20 minutes. Fs started the fight down numbers but had a few mains involved to make up for it, so we were battling head to head in the middle of some ruins in bandit camp. We 1 hit our first pre-selected pile, got great binds on the corners and walls of the ruins, and gained such a lead advantage that we were just farming their returners in groups at a time. We didnt let any of their robes stay alive, giving us free movement to go around and smash foreheads in. Near the end of the fight they had about 5-7 people left, most being mains/rune in their capes before Terror crashed at the very end. Did other shit for the trip but cba mentioning, watch the vids Noel Tragic
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