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    Crack/ heroine/ the devils lettuce/ molly/ and chilling in my moms basement playing runescape.

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  1. Cant wait to come with you guys on revs this weekend
  2. Songs pretty sick, wish it was all English lol.
  3. Ayy so it's really what I thought but just not specific for this clan.
  4. Ye I was real confused. At first I thought it was a picture for all the old members, or maybe the old retired guys that hang around. Then I had no clue once I read all the names lol.
  5. If you didn't do monkey madness just burst and chin the account before anything, it will cost you alot but you can get 99 mage/range before att or str. Then it will just be the str grind
  6. Nicee, I bought a laptop last week and it instantly died on me. So now I need to return it and wait for a new one before I can play from the hotel
  7. @@3at name? Ask for a friend of course
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