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  1. The big dick tigers massed up 27 golden cock warriors for battle on this fine Saturday evening. Supremacy controlled a large majority of the action today for the pure scene, as always. We destroyed every shit head clan we encountered and won the day. We started with a 2v2 in clanwars with Apex as our allies, against Foe and Zenith. Sup/Apex ending: 250, Win Foe/Zenith ending: 220, Loss We then hit the wilderness and had a clean cluster with Fearless and Legacy, dominating them both at east bandits. Legacy was completely cleared from the fight in a matter of minutes, wounded and headed north to hide from the mighty tigers. Fearless and Supremacy continued fighting until it was crashed by mass mains. We then went to setup a fight at corp hill with leak infested Terror(who pulled 17), the fight was quickly crashed by Fearless and Fatality, who both mopped the floor with terror as we sniped members of all 3 clans. We were able to "1v1"(slaughter) the remaining 10 terror members who survived on the bridge east of ferox, we racked up kills faster than people disconnected from their leak infested teamspeak. Fat Cock Tigers ended their day as winners of the wilderness and the purple portal. @Tragic @PeaceSeeker Coming soon to a theatre near you, in IMAX 4D UHD 8K Quality
  2. Come join us next year, unless you're straight and not gay.
  3. If ur not on for saturday f2p trip u probably have a social life, fuck a lot of women, make a lot of money irl and are handsome.

    That being said i expect to see every person in this clan attending tomorrows trip.

  4. Canadian guy, we get it patty....
  5. Donda and CLB were both Underwhelming. The Off-Season that came out earlier this year was far superior. These new albums suck ass. J Cole snapped, and that shit was louder than me clapping granny traggy's cheeks.
  6. Doyph

    DONDA vs CLB

    old kanye better than both
  7. u brought every1s childhood nightmare back. lets goooo
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