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  1. big tings.. nice flowering in first vid at 4:00 l000l
  2. got some big dick pray lvls while watching UCLA-Michigan game
  3. nice. sick ags kill at 4:18
  4. looked like big ownage and a nice +1
  5. thats what those chicken burgers will do to u
  6. thats BS.. right when i need my acc to be vennied smh
  7. ye dunno if i could get 99 str myself l0l but pray should be somewhat not too hard
  8. Finished nature spirit today and got big dick 25 def up next: Monkey Madness 59 -> 84 pray 96 - > 99 strength but rip vennie services tho is what i heard?
  9. scene needs to reset to 1 def would be less cancerous
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