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  1. Imagine getting a tele to ca to have rage crash and then come spam at edge like you won the fight LOOL Tyen must have broken his boyfriends dick off in his ass or something.
  2. Today Supremacy set out with one goal in mind, to blow out the candles on Fatality's birthday and run away with their presents. Turns out, the presents were rune sets and Tyen's tears. And 90 Tigers did just that. 14 7 years of shit at it's finest. Ham's POV Jimmy Pov
  3. light work man, shit tier clans can't even 2 v 1 properly.
  4. My personal favorite, this one with clumps in the shape of an S
  5. Fi bullied again, looks like apex wants to hand hold any anti sup clan
  6. fi i fucking garbage lmfao imagine getting gwased twice in a 15 minute span
  7. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net After a very succesful week of bullying Fatality in whatever they attempted to do we set out today to repeat. However, they were unable to keep up with the mighty Tigers 1v1, and had to bring in a second green clan to compete! Welcome to the slaughter show Apex! To start off their trip, Fatality banned three innocent gamers in an attempt to weed out our leak. Sadly for them, they were unsuccessful in doing so and we continued to smoke them. After a very underwhelming first 10 minutes of their trip they got their first channel hop of the day! Sadly, this hop only netted them an additional one in game. We took every chance we got to bully them non-stop throughout the day. These fights were disgustingly clean and one sided every single time. ROUND 1 We got word of them sitting in ghost huts playing with themselves so we decided to pay them a visit and instill the fear of god into them for the first time this weekend. We chased them from Ghost Hut to CA where We got a COMPLETE CLEAR on them as they ran back and forth waiting for returners to save them. Sadly their returners never came and Tyen angrily called for them to run to singles instead of staying to fight. ROUND 2 We wanted to give Fatality a false ray of hope as they fought Apex for a little bit just north of Sperm. But sadly they couldnt even keep up with Apex. We paid both clans a visit and they quickly offed eachother to take turns shooting 3 arrows into us before dipping back behind the other clan. This cute coordinated display between the two clans although heartwarming, will not be tolerated. We quickly steamrolled through the two clans and chased them south before a 3rd party came and crashed. ROUND 3 For our final round of today we got a very exciting 1v2 versus Apex and Fatality! The fight of the night! A whopping 130 green cape retards vs 80 strong golden warriors. Both clans took turns making their case for who was the shittest between the two. It's safe to say that Fatality won the showcase though! Breaking only 10 minutes into this fight they left to end their trip at clanwars yet again. We continued to fight Apex and reward their bravery with some action. No other clans came during this time and left us to slaughter their remaining pures just south of corp hill. Unisol's POV Rigo's POV
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