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  1. For the record, we actually got a new album coming up by the one and only. Be sure to check it out this weekend.
  2. Like someone asked Bill Gates 5 years ago where he would see himself in 5 years
  3. Was ight for the first part.. I remember this as the time where we were just fooling around with friends, small teams... hoping not to run into them clans xD
  4. I have not been at work a lot because no events. I've read 2 books which is a big deal for me ok Besides that I have not really been too stressed about distancing. No isolation for sure here. I was counting in my head the other day and I believe I slept in 9 different beds the past 4 weeks. Sleepovers and vacations abroad.. I feel really bad for the people that are affected and I'm sorry for the bad example but I'm not gonna lie. Still feels like vacation to me.
  5. Yeah let me just break this cycle by posting music
  6. Lmfao... Well you already know your career has gone down hill when you're gonna be on Love & Hip Hop. This is next level thooo
  7. Big boys now, was fun for sure Funny thing only Adam got close to killing me after we ended. None of those shitters did the entire trip. Was more often looking to loot arrows than food lol
  8. Time to dig up some pics from 2014. As you may know, oldschool runescape launched in 2013. Over the span of a year we managed to gather all the elite fighters together, and we've been slaughtering everything in our path ever since. Shoutout to the Hi family and EF brothers. Sorry for the very tiny summary, if anyone else can share the story in detail, please do. Here are some early days pics from yours truly. If you have some early day pics to share yourself please do!! Also thank @@Kim for making me do this. First start them song we used to play back then, then u can scroll down
  9. Pillowwwwwwwwwowoowowowwwwwwoooooowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Seeing this actually made me happy! So happy for you!
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