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Supremacy Tigers on The Hunt

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On this fine day the Jewish High Council Alcher gathered up 40 strong tigers later peaking at 47 with a mission to slaughter anyone that wanted to throw down with the Golden Tigers.





Intel told us there was a tussle happening at bandits between the Fearless Pigs and the Apex Sharks. It was mostly Tigers vs Sharks as the Pigs struggled to gain past 20, the 1v2 went on for several minutes with Supremacy dominating every step of the way. Finessing both clans, we ended the fight with the same 40 Tigers we rushed with as we pulled off before Legacy could do anything.


Thanks for the tussle boys.




Later we found some main clans clashing it out at corp cave and decided to hit the only pures they had, sadly it went straight to singles.





Some dumb rat over at Intense Retards thought it would be fun to hit the Big Dick Tigers at corp cave, as we turn on their 35 man pull they panic and tucked their tails and made a run for it. They lasted about 20 seconds on corp hill before sprinting to single - Tigers feasted on a dozen easy kills before they could panic log, never to be seen again.







With two clan fighting in level 2, we decided to hit a cluster happening over by corp cave. Hitting the first clan we saw being The Fluffy Raging Bears as FOE took FI to the north, we demolished their numbers and took a commanding 10 tiger lead - unfortunately the fight didn't last as FOE turned around after FI went to singles so we dipped.







Found the Fluffy Bears at the southern rev cave entrance and asked them for a battle despite being down SIX on the rush we held our own before the rest of the clanning scene crashed. We pick up the fight west of bandits where we went kill for kill until FS crashed but we stayed on top of Rage as the fight slowly moved south. From up 6 to down 5 in about as many seconds, Rage was dismantled until FOE Crashed and both clans dipped, later picking it back up on corp hill. Again going kill for kill before the rats crashed, turning it into another 1v2 so we peaced.






For the final fight of the day we asked CD who was standing south of graves - they gladly accepted and the fight initiated at p13s. With CD members dropping like flies their ranks dragged it north to try and gain some returners before pulling it back south. After a one-sided stand off, LY rush in and focused CD so we dipped before the mains logged in




The Chilean Rigo 



The Mexican Noel











"Bitch I don't talk to you so don't you talk to me" - Kodak Black

"Sometimes I just agree with people so they can stop talking" - Jet Li


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Tiger big winner

Ex Captain/Leader - APS

Ex Council/Leader - Purge

Proud Ex Officer/Elder - Olympus

            Ex Veteran - Phoenix            

    :wub: Founder of Mentor gang - Supremacy❤️


                                               gBqrzjS.gif               4Vcnvl6.png HWCibJR.gif                                  Tws7RSp.gifVOC12JVg.jpg












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