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Supremacy's Saturday - Breaking IR Part 1

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Written in part by Jizzle





Today Supremacy massed up 55 real shooters for our F2P Saturday trip, we went out with one objective today; to completely destroy the fags over at  Intense Retardation. We maintained 50 members all trip long and repeatedly bodied IR, forcing them to end their miserable trip. Over the course of 7 fights, we sent IR's pull from 60 to 40, eventually ending them.


You guys should talk with Hormone and ask him how it worked out for doom. The only thing you retards over at ir had were pulls, but now thats not a problem lmfao. Keep feeding your members bullshit on discord thought, it makes for great audio clips over the video of us clearing your clan.





Ham's POV


Mr Ko's POV





Fight 1:

Our sole focus today was to smoke IR, we fought them several times throughout our trip, easily taking the win each time. We started our trip by rushing IR down 6 near boneyard; it didn't take long before we brought the fight to even opts, eventually outnumbering them before the fight was crashed. We followed IR into singles and proceeded to camp them there until they stopped returning or teleported away (sandcrab recruits LMAO). We lost 3 people in the entire fight, while we sent Ir members flying around the wild to singles.


Fight 2:

IR was taking their sweet ass time to regroup their useless sand crab recruits so we decided to help them out and force them out of the wild. We rushed these morons with 45 to their 35 on the southern part of mossies and utterly destroyed their clan, beginning with their ranks and ending with their invites. We fucked them to the point where their members refused to return, causing their incompetent callers to make a movement from mossies to corp, where they once again lost over 15 people in the process.




After losing to us in singles and crying for returners at corp beast, they tried to drag the fight into multi with only 30 to our 45. We punished them for their retarded actions and forced our superiority down their throats (explaining the reason as to why IR callers sound like dying sheep). We treated these rats like the vermin they were and took control of their fate with one scim push. We sent them around the corp hill in desperation as we gained a 20 man lead on them. We fucked them beyond the point of return, and luckily for them the fight was crashed before we poured bleach on their dead bodies.


Fight 3:

We listened to Ir ranks complain and bitch to their useless members on how to tank and click food and shit for a good 10 minutes before they finally went back up to the wild. Like the retards they are, we had a group waiting for them at CA as some of their braindead ranks tele'd up in p2p and showed them a nice glimps of whats going to come tomorrow. After another 5 minutes of them lecturing people on how to war, Our 52 Tigers rushed into 57 Retards on the west side of CA and initiated another fight. We were instantly crashed by EOP and followed IR into single, where they randomly lost 10 people lmfao.




A short while after IR's ran around singles near 13 ports from the last fight, we followed them to 13 ports where we re-started the fight. They dropped 5 people within the first push and we straight up fucked them for it. The entire time of this fight, Supremacy forced their callers to spit all over their computer screens in attempts to get their members to listen. We quickly rushed them with our scims, dropping their numbers at an astonishing rate. AAO  crawled out of the cave and decided to interrupt the fight, obviously focusing us, so we pulled it west as IR ran off north avoiding the embarrassment of a 2v1 loss.


Fight 4:

For good measure we decided to give IR another slap to the face that evidently broke them. We rushed them at 13 ports as they sat there like defenseless, this time with more opts. We broke them to the point where we were now out-pulling them, with our 50 to their 47. We took control of the fight with such ease that it was a joke trying to flame them at their miserable state. All we could do is laugh at how disgustingly hard their ranks were trying. Once we were +10 opts on IR and they knew there was no way back, IR's members ran around like headless chickens whilst being bowed and scimmed by Supremacy's finest. EOP crashed before we could capitalize on their broken morale and clear them.




Fight 5:

At this point of the trip, Supremacy maintained every single person, if not gained more, while we listened to IR ranks beg for theirs to stay on. They couldn't do anything as they lost more and more people throughout the trip ( yet they still use the excuse for 8 pm est to prep LMFAO) so we decided to kick them around like the good dogs they are at 18 ports. We rushed in with around the same opts and quickly gained a +10 lead on them before forcing them to make desperate movements.




However IR were not quite content with their spanking just yet, so they tried to pull it on top of Corp Hill. IR's true quality was highlighted by their members repeatedly dying to us whilst trying to run laps around Corp Hill. They tried to bring it back and we baited these braindeads into thinking we were done with our punishment lmfao. We continued to beat them down and dominated the entire fight until eop crashed on corp hill.


Fight 6:

We rushed the same set of morons who decided not to leave IR's trip after all the beatings we gave them and taught them a very clear lesson: Kiss the feet or choke on the meat. We made every single faggot from IR our bitches in this next fight, as we took them by the neck and pushed them around like a crack whore begging for more shots. We gained another big lead on them before eop crashed spamming blame colossal. I'm guessing colossal is another irrelevant spastic who piped up not knowing his clan is complete dog shit.


(16:53:07) <@[eOp]nICK> we legit crashed and
(16:53:09) <@[eOp]nICK> he hl's us on irc
(16:53:12) <@[eOp]nICK> crying his head off



Fight 7: IR Completely Cleared

The time had finally come; we had officially broken IR to the point of clearance. We rushed them for the last time before making them end at 13 ports with our 54 to their 47. Within mere seconds of this fight and a bunch of funny spams, it became clear to us that IR was very dead indeed. EOP did us a favor of not crashing the fight so we could completely dick IR to the point of clearance. Within 50 seconds of the fight, we pummpled IR's opts down to 12 ingame, while we kept our 45.


We sent the rest of these 12 useless fucks to lumby as we stood on 13 ports the champions of breaking IR.





Stay garbonzo Intense Retards  :lol:


This is just the beginning. You fucked with the wrong clan and thought you were even slightly better lmfao.


Expect us retards.


Ask doom how it turned out for them.












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lmfao ir is so bad

"Bitch I don't talk to you so don't you talk to me" - Kodak Black

"Sometimes I just agree with people so they can stop talking" - Jet Li

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stupid fucking dogs thought they could come at a quality clan like supremacy with their sandcrab warrers lmfao








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