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[4 Years] Supremacy Takes #1 F2P [140 Tigers] Ft. IR Perfected

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4 Years BTW


June 9th, 2018

4 Year Anniversary F2P PK TRIP


Supremacy opened up late April, Early May in 2014. We started out as a group of friends who were intrigued by the idea of rejuvenating the dying pure scene by creating a clan to be a part of the new "xlpc" wave of clans. 4 Long, memorable years later, Supremacy still stands. Not only do we still stand tall and proud, but we are also sitting on the golden throne as the #1 F2P Pure clan at this very current time.


The Almighty Supremacy Tigers gathered up 140 solid people from around the world ready to massacre The Anti-Supremacy Alliance. Today was the day everyone came out. People from each and every month of this clan's existence was here today, making it a particularly special event. Not only was it our celebratory anniversary pk trip, but also that of our broken and beaten 'rivals' Intense Retardation. Little to say we absolutely broke the fuck out of that disgusting excuse of a clan. We held our own in multiple clusters in which we were mostly getting focused and had a clean 1v1 vs our "rivals" in which they got perfected in a 100 vs 100. Misfits, BP, AAO in their capes, and then Apex trying to assist them where possible, on their birthday, was a fucking joke. You had so many people assist you and you still fell short like the homeless stray dogs you are.



Thanks to all Supremacy Members, Oldschools, Inactives, Elders, and flat out Legends of Supremacy who made time out of their day to once again celebrate the existence of this clan. For those of you who could only make 1 day out of both, I hope you enjoyed the time spent taking #1 F2P and dicking our current so called rivals. This is what we are currently doing, and as you can see, its not much of a competition at all lmao. Thanks to everyone who showed up and represented this glorious community on our 4 year mark.


This roidy tranny said it best:




























We originally started out with 135 Tigers to take on the Anti-Supremacy Alliance. After realizing how broken the alliance truly had become, we decided to stand on top of Corp hill waiting for any one of the pussies to rush us. Knowing no one had the balls to step up to the kings of corp, we noticed IR hiding behind 18 port pillars with +15 on the cape counter (with all those ugly mf bp and +1 invites in their capes rofl) Eventually, the autists over at IR HQ called a movement where around 15 kids rushed after some random main. Taking advantage of this amazing opportunity these donkey's put themselves in, we pushed into them and instantly deleted who was in front of us. After deleting 5 or 6 of them out of the game within milliseconds, we transitioned our aggression north to 18 ports where we began to dick the living shit out of IR. We caught them out of position and managed to destroy their entire group of monkeys who had no clue what they were doing.


Supremacy Starting 135




IR: 110

Misfits: 5

BP: 20


As we hit them head on, we displayed exactly why they won't prep us or even meet us matched anywhere. We instantly took a 5 man lead and started slaughtering them like the dead cows they are. As we hammered their rear ends, just how they enjoy it, we took a 20 opt lead on them. Just as we was gonna call another scim push, EOP came crashing in saving these dogs from getting drilled down into the dirt. This turned into a 3 way cluster as we pulled back to our corp hill and the fight edged north slowly. Eventually, we pushed IR all the way to Mossies where they got completely cleared, giving us the clean victory.





After hearing IR lose 5-10 members live from their previous embarrassing performance against us, we quickly realized how easy it would be to continue breaking them. As we stood tall and strong on Corp hill with 140 Tigers once again, we found Ir ranks being absolute pussies and passively avoiding us by staying a minimap away from us at all times. We knew these donkeys were nothing but garbage and capitalized on the fact that their ranks have 0 clue how to call and that their members had 0 brain cells to listen. We rushed them north of CA where we engaged in a 140v120 fight (They lost 15 members from last fight lmfao). They honestly had no fucking clue what to do judging by their discord audio and this eventually led us to taking control of yet another fight verse them. We gained a 10 man lead, further leading to a 20 man lead, and then into a 30 man lead. As always, EOP came in trying to save these dead horses and rushed us from the south. We pulled it back to corp hill where we could take on both clans at the same time as they both desperately tried to focus us, and started the 2v1 decimation. Ir and EOP both took turns rushing us near corp cave and we decided to play it smart, dragging it back north once more.


Giving IR glimpses of their second loss of the day, these donkeys ran around like complete morons while getting fucked by the almighty tigers. As we passed Dwarves, Ir pulled all the way north to white plat and we were left with EOP. We turned our attention to these butt pirates and slapped their booty cheeks as they continued to chase IR north. After dropping around 10 or so of them, they switched their focus back on us and we initiated a 80v80 Fight up at Dwarves. After a short few seconds, IR came back with their disgusting 50 mole faced rats and began to snipe our fight. We pulled it further west to avoid the butt buddies and ran into Apex near NE ruins. At the same time, EOP/Ir pulled north of vents and started duking it out. We decided to slap Apex in singles real quick and then proceeded to get a fall in to rush the northern fight. We found Ir and EOP inching into single and decided to give them a helping hand, sending everyone into mossies.


EOP didn't want any singles action and fucked off somewhere, giving us the best opportunity to demoralize and face fuck the living shit out of all these inbred 1 day wonders. The singles fight was for one purpose, and one purpose only: Break their fucking clan. Their ranks stopped returning, eventually leading to their members to stop returning as well.  We had 85 to their 35 at one point and it got to the point where we were just bullying them online. After noticing they were desperately begging their members to return to mossies, we decided to take it north into multi. Those fools followed us north into multi where we killed an additional 20-25 people, losing absolutely no one. EOP came in crashing our side so we just walked IR back south into mossies.


We held double their ops in game before EOP came into single and IR called a log out on us for the second time of the day.








Supremacy Starting: 108

Ir Starting: 104


Supremacy Ending: 108

Ir Ending (walking south to edge in disgrace): 11





The best fight of the day; the cleanest fight of the day; the easiest fight of the day.


We got our chance at IR all to ourselves. EOP, Apex, Misshits, Aao, Bp, and whoever else was in the wilderness was no longer present. The fight of the day had finally presented itself to us. We found IR with 104~ people, standing spread inside a small room in Bandit Camp. Who knows what possessed their braindead ranks to making that decision to spread, but seeing that made our callers and members very ecstatic. Rushing in with bows and following with scims, we broke them person by person, number by number, opt by opt. We instantly gained a 10 man lead within the first few seconds, only to follow up gaining a 15 man lead in the next few seconds. This monstrous quality and aggression by Supremacy eventually led to IR snowballing down from 104~ people to 90, to 80, to 70, to 60, to 50, to 40, and eventually to 30 where they were utterly BROKEN.  We haven't lost a single fucking person in this fight, it was astonishing. The sight of this fight made tears of joy flow through teamspeak as we lit up with laughter from our amazing spams and performance and their even more amazing act of defeat. They ran like fucking pussies as we literally had a 80 MAN LEAD. They tried to stay and fight, but it was too late. We chased them all the way south out of bandit camp, west to singles, and down to edgeville. 


No excuses here; clean 1v1 fight and you got fucked. You couldn't manage to kill a single fucking person.


Bow the fuck down like the good dogs you are and lick our boots you fucking inbreds. That wasn't even a challenge. You retards did a losing speech after this fight how fucking depressed can Supremacy make you get?








You dropped 50 because you started a rivalry with the superior clan with the superior rank staff and better members. You have lost more ranks and members every week while we continue to fuck your clan, and this will continue until your rank's and members have permanent brain damage from all the abuse you suffered over Runescape pure clanning. The end is soon IR, we will personally make it as much painful as we can for you as well.


Nothing will ever come close or even match the fact that this clan was utterly destroyed in a matter of minutes. This was practically a wilderness fullout that ended in Supremacy Tigers on Top of the scene.







After perfecting them in the last fight, we had to wait quite a while for these depressed donkeys to gather enough people. That, and the fact that they ended up slurring out losing speeches mid trip, we patiently waited for them to re-enter our wilderness. It was only a matter of time that this retarded clan lost their final hope of having any sort of useful 1 year anni trip lmfao. 


After honoring those that represented Supremacy on our 4 year mark, our intel told us IR re-entered our wilderness without our permission. We headed back over to the west side of bandit camp where we found 110 IR members and 40 AAO members near singles. With us having 120 golden tigers ready to pounce, there was no question at all that this was the fight we wanted. We instantly logged in and rushed Ir on the west side of bandit camp where we sliced their necks in half with our deadly scim pushes. We broke them from the outside in, breaking their morale, demeanor, and entire existence. The fight was so fucking bad for them that people started spamming the suicide hotline after the aggressive scim pushes we did. 


Their ranks had no idea how to respond, and instead of saying something useful to retain their sand crab recruits, all they splurged out was to make movements north into single. We followed them from lvl 17 to lvl 25, not letting a single fucking rat get away from us. As we did this eight wilderness leveled push, AAO had their 40 people snipe our back lines and pick some people off. We did a 360 no scope on these morons and sent them flying like Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (they didn't come back).


After cleaning out the biggest trash excuse of a clan to ever represent the golden color, we transitioned back to the rats in blue and bullied them even more. Chasing them north, south, east, and west, we snapped their fucking necks in half and cracked their skulls in several pieces. Eventually realizing they have no where to go, they thought singles would save them. WRONG ANSWER. We followed them to singles where we visibly saw and audibly heard their members  begging and crying for forgiveness. Their ranks had realized they weren't going to stay open much longer or have any member base left if they stayed in single, so they asked aao to reappear from the grave we put them in earlier and help them out. These monkeys ran south, through us, into multi, losing 15-20 more people out of the 40 man group they had left. They tried to make it to AAO who re-appeared inside bandit camp but it did not fucking work. We pushed past that pathetic snipe team, past bandit camp, to rev cave, back into bandit camp tele spawn, back north through bandit camp, and eventually out the north east exit into single. From there, we gave them the walk of shame and Ended their Trip. 


You're a fucking joke. "11 years" of being a pathetic excuse of what you think you are. We treated these dogs like the 1 year old clan they truly are, and put them in the fucking dirt. 







Nothing could stop us today, and nothing was ever going to stop us. After a solid 2 hours and 30 minutes of slapping our rivals with no remorse, we claimed the golden throne for our own. We ended up meeting IR's last 25 crying members in their home world and took their world for ourselves. We dropped ropes for the desperate ones, capes for the sand crab recruits to pick up, and pulled out the spades. They basically put themselves in the grave so we helped them by digging it even deeper for them to jump in. They had nothing to say. Their ranks were fucking demoralized. Their discord was awkwardly silent. They were completely fucking broken beyond repair. You can never replace the fact that Supremacy ruined your anniversary trip and spit on your non-existing legacy you believe to have. 


Kiss the fucking throne.




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i truly love u guys, cant ever say that i regret playing this game with you





4 Years man








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dog shit clan

"Bitch I don't talk to you so don't you talk to me" - Kodak Black

"Sometimes I just agree with people so they can stop talking" - Jet Li

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What an epic trip, loved when we perfected them


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