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[4 Years] Supremacy Takes #1 P2P [120 Tigers] Ft. Apex Broken

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4 Years BTW


June 10th, 2018

4 Year Anniversary P2P PK TRIP


Day 2 of the 4 year celebration of our existence. This time, we took control of the pay to play server and dominated the Anti-Sup alliance beyond the point of return. A total of 120 Tigers showed up to day to represent the clan on this glorious day, only to find and witness the actual break down of Apex and their emotional suicidal rank staff, our rivals avoiding us all trip after getting perfected yesterday, and the rest of the pure community in shambles. We maintained 100+ for the entire trip until the very end. Most of our action came against Apex, where we had to teach these suicidal chinks a lesson for trying to team on us. We welcome all 2v1's and 3v1's with open arms, but when you're complete trash at it, you will be punished for it.


Shoutout to EOP for the nice battles today down 25~ people. You had more balls and brains than both Apex and Ir combined.





















Started out the trip by loging in on Misfits, east of bandits spraying pesticide and killing 5-7 as they flew to singles. Think they were fighting FI and they had FI tele out, so we decided to just swarm the shit out of bandit camp with 120 people. Most of them made it out to singles but the rest were tiger meat.





Supremacy Starting:100

Apex Starting:75


Supremacy Ending:100

Apex Ending:25


Apex Loss #1 = 75 opts

Found the left half of the Anti-Supremacy Alliance north east of graves and I guess they thought the right half(intense retards) were going to log in and help them; unfortunately for them Intense Retards were at edge sitting their encouraging members today was going to be better than yesterday (it wasn't lmfao) Nox started crying on ts telling his members to get brid gear as he saw his members drop from 75 to 25 in the matter of 1 minute.  It's OK Nox you have nothing going for yourself, maybe it's time to merge into your boyfriends clan already.


Apex Loss #2 = 65 Opts

This time we caught them at Se graveyard as they were trying to get into position to 2v1 us with their butt buddies in Ir. We didn't give a single fuck about their 2v1 attempts and hopped into Ir's world to rush them near Sperm~. Obviously judging by how retarded every single person in Apex is, we logged right on top of them as those morons had no clue how to 2v1 a clan. We logged in with around 100 to their now 65 people (they dropped 10 in 1 fight lmfao) and completely fucked them until they ran around with 18 left in-game. Talk about demoralization lmfao jesus you guys are fucking trash. "imagine what will happen when their numbers drop" LOL


Apex Loss #365 opts

Their third loss of the day by the hands of the almighty tigers happened at the north side of ruins, where they were ordered to rush us in single by their master clan Ir. Ir had a fight set up vs EOP at gdz and wanted us to stay out of the picture so they could lose peacefully. Apex, specifically Nox and whatever other retard led their disgusting waste of a trip today, ended up sucking Zo's dick and agreed to suicide rush into our 110 man fall in on the north side of ruins with their 65. We sent their 65 people down to a nice small 10 man group, the same number that represents the IQ's of every apex member. As we murked these skids down to 10 pulls, their bitching grew tremendously and their members stopped returning. We lost a solid 4 people in the course of this singles fight. Luckily for us, just as Apex were broken beyond returning, The IR vs EOP fight started up at Gdz. We tele'd down and re-tele'd up to gdz within seconds, having a total of 80 people ready to slap this fight detailed below.


Foe walked by this fight and just laughed at the joke Apex has become, it was quite funny. 


Apex Loss #4 = 50 opts

As we just came off slapping and clearing IR at north west gdz hut, on to new gate hill, and into lvl 50 maze making them log out, we tele'd down to edge and got a bank. This is where we found Apex trying to pipe up with their 50 remaining members at lvl 1 edge ditch. These monkeys lost 30~ people in the past hour alone that it got to a point of cyber bullying. We didn't want to waste 100 people's time against 50 braindeads at lvl 1, so decided to hop to slap our rivals who avoided us all day. However, Apex ranks and braindead nox wanted to suicide his clan into ours once more, following the same steps his ancestors took in world war 2 by blowing themselves up. Nox had his demoralized members rush our 100 man unit at lvl 3 edge river where it went terribly wrong for them, once again. Surprise surprise, apex was left with a solid 5 people ingame, all at the same time that Ir was sitting in edge from the last dicking up at gdz/new gate. We tele'd to edge after completely clearing Apex and got another fall in of 100 to head back out.


Apex Loss #5 = 45 opts

This fifth loss of their trip came a few minute after we had just gotten done skull fucking them up against the edge river. We were walking north near 13 ports where these monkeys thought it would be a good time to rush us with their last remaining 45 people into a deep state of depression and anxiety. This caused so much fucking drama in their clan that they were done fighting us. They tried to do damage but were just pjed non stop by 60 Supremacy tigers sitting available to spec morons out. They got the 5th dicking of the day, losing all 45 people within a matter of minute, all while their boyfriends sat at edge doing nothing, spamming nothing lmfao.


All apex members; If you don't want to be camped in single, multi, and out of the wilderness from now on, just don't show up to your fights. You don't need to listen to the braindead ranks leading your trips. If you're tired of getting fucked and suiciding into us, sit your ass at edgeville and watch your clan members spawn second by second.





The real reason Apex ran into us at north graves was to buy their master daddy clan IR some time vs EOP up at GDZ. We realized what they were doing and prepared ourselves to tele up right as we cleared Apex from singles. We sent Apex from 75 to 25 and tele'd down, grabbed a gdz tab, and tele'd up in another world. Unfortunately for Apex who were sent into a 10 minute regroup after that singles loss, we positioned ourselves west of Gdz to hit Ir vs EOP. Hilariously, EOP Cleared Ir before we got there. We decided to fuck it and rush EOP anyway.


Supremacy Starting: 105

EOP Starting: 70~

Ir Starting: 0

Apex Starting: 55~


We rushed east to gdz and caught eop in massive clumps on the northern side of the hut. Capitalizing on these massive xp drops, we had our southern side wrap from the south around the hut and take out any rouge white dots. After clearing around 30 or so people in clumps, we moved it further east where we found 20 lost Ir members from the aftermath of the dicking they got earlier. We completely cleared Ir off the face of the wilderness and continued to pick off the last few eop members in our sights. 



Knowing how emotional and broken apex's rank staff currently is, we lured those monkeys out of singles and gave them the perfect opportunity to rush us. They took the bait and rushed from the west side of GDZ, just as we pulled on top of new gate hill. Once again capitalizing on their retarded ranks' decisions, we gwased and slaughtered half their pull within seconds just barraging and chinning off new gate hill. They were left there stranded doing absolutely nothing besides bitching over voice about returning and making hilarious movements. No wonder Howls left your clan lmfao you guys are a joke. We gained a 40 man lead on Apex just as they begged their boyfriends IR to come save them from getting cleared. IR finally gathered enough sand crab invites to re-rush the fight, this time from the south side of new gate hill. We didn't let those morons do anything as we pulled north of the gate with 70 people left. Ir and Apex tried to follow and got fucked for it, losing around 20~ members each before running south and logging out. They magically stopped attacking each other like the good fucking butt buddies they are and knew they couldn't compete with the tiger gang that was standing north of them. I think Foe caught most of them logging out and sweeped them off the minimap within seconds, completely clearing any apex and ir left to the south of us.


Those pussies ran off and logged out, leaving Supremacy victorious once again.







After Clearing Apex and giving them their 2nd and 3rd beating of the day, we noticed Ir had Apex suicide into us in efforts to get a clean fight vs EOP at gdz. It didn't work out the way they wanted, as we cleared Apex within a matter of minutes and sent them off for a 15 minute regroup. We quickly dicked Apex, tele'd down, grabbed gdz tablets, and tele'd up to the fight. We logged in west of Ir, catching them in 20-30 man barrage clumps and pushed them all the way over to new gate hill. Eop wrapped from the south while we continued to clear and demoralize the last 35 ir members into the dirt. We took control of new gate hill and finished the last 5-10 Ir members off, making them call a movement all the way south to get to singles.


Get fucked retards





EOP noticed we we were done dicking Ir at new gate hill and thought it was a great time to rush us as we were clearing up the last few morons in blue. They rushed us from the west, off the hill, giving us time to transition and switch our aggression on red. We had around a 20-30 man group wrap from the south and a group of 50 barrage/chin from the north. We deleted insane amounts of clumps off the new gate hill and managed to gain a solid 15-20 man lead spread across the map. At the same time, Foe, IR, Apex, and Jaja joined the fight so we moved north through new gate hill with 65 people left, waiting for some retarded clan to come near us. 





Not suprisingly, Ir was that retarded clan to come near new gate hill so we just killed 20-30 of them as they couldn't do shit. The rest of Ir got fucked to the south by eop. We decided to log out and reposition ourselves south of the gate but our intel informed us that Ir's remaining members were hiding inside the lvl 50 maze. We hopped worlds, ran into maze, and logged into Ir's world just as they screamed for their members to log out. Their ranks were steaming as we caught 15~ or so of their downy members (and ranks lmfao) and took their loot. We pushed out of maze and walked it south for a bank.



We then proceeded to spam both clans who had a combined total of 120 to our 85 at the bank.


We won that too lmfao



































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#KingsofF2p&P2p Ty everyone for demoralizing Intese Retards, G J


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I was at work all afternoon but it's GREAT to hear you guys had another successful trip. I had a blast on Saturday. As a new face I am proud to be rolling with you guys.




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Funny how apex gets pushed around by ir

"Bitch I don't talk to you so don't you talk to me" - Kodak Black

"Sometimes I just agree with people so they can stop talking" - Jet Li

"I wumbo, you wumbo, he-she-me wumbo. Wumboing, wumbology, the study of wumbo! It's first grade, Spongebob" - Patrick Star

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