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Guide to making 1 Defence Pure

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This guide is a complete what you need for everything




  • 56 Agility
  • 50 Firemaking
  • 50 Magic
  • 53 Thieving
  • 25 Fletching
  • 50 Smithing
  • 40 Range
  • 70 Cooking
  • 50 Crafting
  • 50 Fishing
  • 35 Woodcutting
  • 42 Slayer
  • 30 Construction
  • 52 Prayer
  • 40 Farming

Item Checklist:

  • Bear Head
  • Climbing Boots
  • Mith Gloves
  • Ava's
  • Good Book
  • Ancient Magik's
  • Salve Ammy (for mace)
  • DDS
  • Dragon Scimmy
  • Anchor
  • Fire cape
  • Ancient Mace

The following quests give Attack XP (DO THESE IF YOU DON'T WANT TO OVER-TRAIN YOUR ATTACK)

  • Mountain Daughter - 1,000 XP
  • Death Plataeu - 3,000 XP
  • Underground Pass - 3,000 XP
  • Vampire Slayer - 4825 XP
  • Tree Gnome Village - 11.450 XP
  • Fight Arena - 12,175 XP
  • Waterfall Quest - 13750 XP
  • The Grand Tree - 18,400 XP

Total Attack experience gained from all these quests: 67,600 XP (45 Attack)

The following quests give Prayer XP (AGAIN, DO THESE SO YOU DON'T OVER LEVEL YOUR PRAYER)

  • Restless Ghost - 1,125 XP
  • Priest in Peril - 1,406 XP
  • Mountain Daughter - 2,000 XP
  • Ghosts Ahoy - 2,400 XP
  • The Great Brain Robbery - 6,000 XP
  • Rum Deal - 7,000 XP
  • Another Slice of H.A.M - 3,000 XP (Ancient Mace Quest)


  • Recipe for Disaster (Mith Gloves)
    - Subquests 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8
  • Monkey Madness (Dragon Scimmy)
  • Horror from the Deep (God Book)
  • Lost City (DDS)
  • Mountain Daughter (Bear Head, best replacement for Halo. Same bonus' minus +2 prayer bonus)
  • Roving Elves (Crystal bow 4 rag)
  • Haunted Mines (Salve Ammy)
  • The Great Brain Robbery (Anchor)
  • Animal Magnetism (Ava's)
  • Desert Treasure (Ancient Magik's)
  • Death Plataeu (Climbing Boots)



  • If you want fast AFK Magic XP, Alch 55-94 Magic FIRST using an Auto Clicker (AT YOUR OWN RISK, THERE IS A CHANCE YOU MIGHT BE BANNED). I suggest this first so if you get banned you don't lose a lot of progress. I recommend alch'ing gold amulets, they buy fairly easy and 55-94 should roughly cost 20m all up.
  • Burst/Barrage at Monkey Madness spot.
  • Firewaving NMZ with max mage bonus is another alternative for training Magic.
  • If you decide to splash magic make sure your magic accuracy is negative 65 (-65). This is obtained by wielding full iron and d'hide vambraces.
  • Training range get 20-70 range at rock crabs, then transition to NMZ. Or Chin at Monkey Madness spot.
  • As with range, I recommend obtaining 70 strength before heading to NMZ to train strength. Highly recommended to have 60 attack-75 attack or the XP rates are pretty cancer with 50 attack.


Account Builds


  • 50 Attack, 1 def, 99 Stength, Mage, Range, Prayer (You'll be 85 combat)
  • 60 Attack, 1 def, 99 Stengeth, Mage, Range, Prayer (You will be 88 combat)
  • 75 Attack, 1 def, 99 Strength, Mage, Range, 52 Prayer (You'll be 88 combat). With this particular build you can get 59 Prayer and it won't effect your combat level, obviously isn't as clean looking but the extra prayer levels help. If you plan to go Zerk in the future you will gain an extra combat level or two though.


Recommended Minimum Gear Requirements for Preps + Inventory Setups




  • Jungle camo top requires 4 hunter and is best in slot as a replace for decorative armour.
  • Bear head has better stats than Halo besides the +3 prayer bonus Halo gives.
  • Highly suggest using ballista instead of ACB for N-ranging.






  • If less than 61 attack use a trident or master wand. Preferably if you can afford, Kodai is best in slot.
  • If you can't afford tormented bracelet, use mith gloves.
  • Use elder robe bottoms if you have.









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p solid



#Calquats for a way out









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good sht, i would say theres alternatives to trainining such as doing slayer, once u can burst jellies/dust devils/nechryaals/abyssal demons u will make money bursting. also in the progress getting the slay levels u will level range aandd melee plus it can be a profitable skill if done correctly, and its not as boring for the people who hates to sit in nmz :P

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You should also add not using the bludgeon to gmaul combo lol

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